Bonding over hate hurts us all.

A friend of mine made a blog spot that really got me thinking:


Bonding Over Body Hate – It hurts us all!


This is the personal response I gave her:


As for the blog, that’s hit true on some realizations I have made in the past few years. I don’t have a lot of friends, so of course, I don’t have a lot of fat friends. However, since I’ve become such good friends with you, I started to realize how often weight is a bonding thing, and while you, or others, didn’t say anything or act on it, I do see how hurtful it could be, even if I didn’t’ realize I was doing it. 


And the more I realized it, I really did try to limit how much I talked about weight near you and others, out of respect and love for you! So, it’s taken a lot of conditioning for me to stop, and I know I haven’t gotten it out of my system, but from this current time, I do acknowledge that I have done it in the past, and I hope you know that I love you! I love you and I never meant any kind of disregard/bashing for the stupid woman things I’ve said. 


That being said, while we have a lot of different goals in life, I strongly believe on your message of being healthy. And while we are at different levels, if you ever want to talk about working out, food, or anything, I’m always here! I currently, on my pursuit of health, started doing daily 20 minute exercises, and if that’s something you are trying to get into your daily life, I’m totally down for being phone buddies, to help build a regular, fun and daily jib jab work ethic. Or whatever. 😛


Either way, I loved the blog, and I hope you know that you have changed me to try and be a more civil human being even before your words hit the papers. You are wonderful, awe inspiring, and I only want the best for you, no matter what shape it comes in. Heart your face!



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